These games are open source. For convenience, downloadable files are available here where applicable. If you want the source code, please visit my git page. Each game uses the libstormgames module. If you git clone them don’t forget to use the –recursive flag to pull it along with the game.

Linux users, please use git to clone the games and run them if they are not packaged for your distro. Here is a list of distros that have the games available. If your distro is missing and offers the games in their packages, please let me know.

Have fun, and thanks for playing.

Storm Games

Cross platform open source audio games.

Audiogame manager

November 29, 2022 — Storm

This program makes it possible to play Windows based audio games in Linux. In order to use the program, you will need at minimum the following:

  • An X86 computer running Linux. Also tested on Mac OS Catalina or Big Sur.
  • Wine installed with it 32 bit dependancies. In Arch Linux, enable the multilib repositories.
  • wget
  • wine-gecko
  • wine-mono
  • xdotool

For more complete instructions on setting it up for your distribution, check the Install Audiogame manager Wiki.

To install some games, run the audiogame-manager program with the -i flag:

./audiogame-manager -i

You can launch installed games by just running audiogame-manager. It saves its settings in the following path:


The layout of the file is wine prefix, (also called wine bottle), followed by a vertical bar, Windows based path, vertical bar, menu name. This is useful if you have installed something by hand but want to use the launcher to start it. Here is an example line from the file:;

super-liam|c:\Program Files\lWorks\Super Liam\sl.exe|Super Liam


git clone

Audiogame-manager can tell you, in a general way, if things are set up correctly. To check your system, run the following:

./audiogame-manager -c

To select a game to play, run:


If you want to be able to launch the program from anywhere, simply link it to somewhere in your executable path. For example:

sudo ln -sr /usr/bin/audiogame-manager

Supporting Development

You can support development on ko-fi. Any bit helps, and thank you for any contribution.

Additional Voices

When a game that outputs speech is installed, it uses SAPI5. The SAPI5 speech sdk that gets installed includes the voices Mary, Mike, and Sam. The RHVoice program is also installed with the BDL voice. The most common question I get is “Can I use other voices?”. The answer is yes, but with caveats. You can use other voices, but you have to install them without help from the script, as most SAPI5 voices are nonfree requiring a license, so I cannot redistribute them. Also, because I don’t have a copy myself, I have no clue how the installer works, so I can’t really write a helper script to get them going for anyone else either.

Another solution is Cepstral. Cepstral voices are high quality, sound great, and are reasonably affordable for personal use. Even better, they can be installed for a try before you buy. This means I can write a script to go grab the voice for you, install it, and even register it when you are ready with your key which you can get from

So, all you have to do to install voices from Cepstral is, download the script, make it executable with chmod 700, then run it. Select a wine bottle for the game you want the voice installed in, then select the voice you want and it will be installed.

The registration process is very similar, the only difference is when you run ./, use the -r or –register flag to specify you want to register a voice. It will ask you for your information and then register the voice.

To change voices for games that do not natively support it, there is a script in the speech directory called By default, it will set the speech rate to 7, if this is to fast or to slow, you can change it by specifying a number between 1 and 9 when you call the script. So, for example:

./ 3

Will cause the voice to speak more slowly.

Tags: audiogame-manager, audio-games, wine, gaming

Fishin' Time

November 11, 2022 — Storm

Fishin' Time is a small game I wrote while learning about the python library pyglet. The source code is available on my git. For windows users who want a compiled executable, download

Tags: audio-games, fishing, pyglet

Command Line Games

September 13, 2020 — Storm

If you have a command line only computer, or just like hanging out in the console, you may be interested in these command line games. To get the games, run the following:

git clone

The games have varying dependencies. Here is a list of things you will want to have installed to play them.

  • bc
  • rolldice
  • sox

Not all of the items in the repository are child appropriate. If you install for users under 18 years old, please go through and remove any of the directories containing games or items you feel are unsuitable. Note, for the bash-it game, you can remove sound packs individually, and create your own.

Tags: cli, command-line-games, gaming

Monkey Spank

December 08, 2019 — Storm

In this game use the arrow keys to react to the sounds. Press right for right, left for left, down or up for center. If you are quick enough, there is even a bonus.

Tags: monkey-spank, audio-games


December 08, 2019 — Storm

Numnastics is a puzzle game in which you are given a scrambled list of numbers from 1 through 9. You reverse the numbers from the point selected to the end of the list. using this method, you put the numbers in order from 1 to 9.

Tags: numnastics, audiogames, puzzles

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