These games are open source. For convenience, downloadable files are available here where applicable. If you want the source code, please visit my git page. Each game uses the libstormgames module. If you git clone them don’t forget to use the –recursive flag to pull it along with the game.

Linux users, please use git to clone the games and run them if they are not packaged for your distro. Here is a list of distros that have the games available. If your distro is missing and offers the games in their packages, please let me know.

Have fun, and thanks for playing.

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December 08, 2019 — Storm

Numnastics is a puzzle game in which you are given a scrambled list of numbers from 1 through 9. You reverse the numbers from the point selected to the end of the list. using this method, you put the numbers in order from 1 to 9.

Tags: numnastics, audiogames, puzzles

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